“The Heart of Peace” embodies and ennobles the story of the evolution of all mankind. It makes visible, and gives form and substance to the history of where we came from, how we drifted apart, and how we must reunite for survival in a troubled world.


We started at the base, from a common core, sharing the same organic roots. Over the millennia we branched out and grew in opposite directions, further and further apart. We divided ourselves by race, religion and nationality. We established governments and borders. We built fences and walls. We wanted what they have. We did not want to share what they needed. We exploited and destroyed our environment. We took nature’s bounty and gave back waste and pollution. Wars ensued, and everything we built started to crumble.

Is it too late now? Can mankind be saved from its own greed and folly? There is only one way. We must reverse the trend of history. We must recognize our commonality of background and need. We must tear down the artificial barricades that we have erected. We must start the process of growing back together as one people; united in peace, harmony and solidarity. Only then will the world be safe for our
children and our children’s children.


In my tribute sculpture, “The Heart of Peace”, I symbolically capture our common roots, our growing apart, and our rejoining together as one heart, one mind, one body, and one soul.


I do not think of “The Heart of Peace” as an object, it is something that we have inside of us. It has a living, breathing, pulsating presence. Art breathes new life into the very depths of your soul.


My great dream is that, as this symbol of world unity is shared around the globe, it will inspire people of all backgrounds to come together to fulfill our promise and realize our full potential of Love and Peace for all.