Spar Street's "The Heart of Peace"

Claes Nobel, Co-founder & Chairman – World Peace One Foundation

“The Heart of Peace” is so beautiful, so awe-inspiring... it speaks a thousand heart-warming words. Master Artist Spar Street, in his captivating “The Heart of Peace” sculpture, has tapped into a depth of art, art which holds the hope of transforming humanity and the world. His “The Heart of Peace” sculpture is worthy of inspiring people of all races, ethnicities, cultures, and religions, worldwide.

Spar Street - A Closer View

Herman J. Milligan, Jr., Ph.D

U.S. based artist Spar Street’s striking sculptural work focuses on how living and working environments can be transformed “into vibrant, meaningful spaces: spaces full of the power to ignite passion and help us lead lives centered (on) the vision we hold for our common future.” For many years he has primarily worked in stainless steel and bronze to create vibrant, smooth, anthropomorphic sculptures reminiscent of the works of Constantin Brancusi, Donald Judd, and Carl Andre to symbolize humanity’s quest for meaning, self-discovery, and connection.